Find your customers with just their phone number

FindMeNow is an online service for your business with an aim to shorten the time it takes for your business to find a customers address


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this even exist?

We’re sure your delivery receptionist has spent more time on the phone noting down the address than taking the order, wasting unnecessary time instead of taking the next order. We’ve made this so you spend time taking more orders rather than asking your customers for directions.

What does this do?

When you receive a call, you enter the customer’s phone number into our system and we shoot out their address as soon as you hit the ‘enter’ button.

Who has access? Can this be misused?

Only verified and registered businesses will get access to your address. One business ID can only be used via one user, multiple log-in of the same user across computers/branches is not allowed.

How secure is my customer’s data?

Very. The entire site is protected by an SSL certificate, bank security level, and is configured to support Perfect Forward Secrecy, meaning, we won’t tell the NSA where your customers live.

Why do you need the business registration number?

We only allow registered businesses to use FindMeNow.

How much will this cost?

FindMeNow will be free for now. We will be charging for this service in the coming months. The first few businesses who sign up will get this free forever.

Still have a question?

Email us at [email protected]