Ever found yourself wanting to pull your hair out because the delivery guy at the other end of the phone just doesn’t know where to deliver? Frustrated with having to spend more than ten minutes guiding the delivery personnel across all possible landmarks around Bangalore just to enjoy a slice of warm pizza, we began to ponder – there must be an easier and less aggravating way to have stuff delivered. And voila! FindMeNow was born!

A web – based service for food chains, delivery houses and really anyone who offers home/office delivery of goods and services, FindMeNow is the greatest gift to mankind from the internet! Alright, it might not be the greatest, but it is pretty cool! Businesses who subscribe to FindMeNow receive access to a search form; all they need to do is enter the phone number of the customer seeking a delivery service and in no time,(the customer will receive a notification on the app(coming soon) requesting for permission by the restaurant to get directions to your house) they receive all the information they need to have that biryani or smartphone delivered with ease – the customer’s address, a location map, and also, the nearest landmark!

The customer data is entered by . . . . . . that’s right, the Customer. We do not buy customer data or enter customer data into the system on our own accord; that would make us sneaky, and we do not like sneaky! Customers who wish to be a part of this service could sign up with their phone numbers and address details. The delivery services who have subscribed to FindMeNow (and you have authorised) will only then, have access to this data. So don’t you worry; your secrets or rather, your data, is safe with us.

FindMeNow is made for anyone, anywhere. We will initially kick – start our operations in Bangalore, then expand to other cities and states, countries and finally, we take will over the world! But remember, we are the good guys. And that’s not all! More incredible features will be added in the months to come. Stay tuned!