Address sharing with your phone number.

FindMeNow is an online service for you and a business with an aim to shorten the time it takes for a business to find your address

Here’s a scenario

When you order food for delivery…


4 Reasons to sign up for FindMeNow

1. Privacy


Only registered businesses can access your number. Our app(soon) will allow you to allow or deny permission to businesses which search for your address

2. Security


All data is encrypted from your browser to the database. HTTPS is used as default and have eliminated the password system.

3. Address book

Add multiple addresses to your address book. Share your addresses with your friends and family. Give permanent access to trusted businesses.

4. Emergency Services

In times of trouble, emergency services can reach your address on time without you spending time giving directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this even exist?

We’re all tired of giving directions to delivery agents from almost every service provider. Who wants to repeat “go straiight, take right, then left, take right again, you reach 5th cross, you need to come to 1st cross” over and over again?

What does this do?

This site has two fronts, the customer front and the business front.
On customer(you) front, you sign up with your details once and hope for your favourite service delivery business to show us some love as well.
The service delivery business end has access to your address once they enter your phone number, and that’s about it.
They save time, you save time. Win. Win.

How secure is my data?

Only verified and registered businesses will get access to your address. FindMeNow, is protected by an SSL certificate and is configured to support Perfect Forward Secrecy, meaning, the connection between you and FindMeNow is very secure.

Wow, Where do i sign up?

You can download our app here.

Still have a question?

Email us at [email protected]